HT/1003MKII (aka The Hammer) Insane Performance at its Size and Price Buy an HT/1003 MKII if you either don’t have the space or don’t require the extra output of our larger models. It’s that simple. More compact, and just as beautiful, it delivers identical build quality to its siblings. Its style makes it an ideal partner in HT/3D REL theatre setups with Serie T/x. All-new 300W Class D amplifier offers greater headroom and powers a new CarbonGlas™ 10” (250mm) driver. This combination delivers devastating output, playing TWICE as loud as the original. At this price, this performance is unheard of. The icing on the cake is that, like all the new HTs, it responds beautifully when playing music, and HT-Air delivers state-of-the-art (optional) wireless.
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