Parasound JC1+ Mono Power Amplifier

Circuitry designed by legendary John Curl Ultra-high bias Class A/AB operation 25 watts of pure Class A power Stable with speaker impedance dips below 1Ω Bybee Music Rails™ - active high frequency filters for input stage New John Curl driver stage employs a cascode circuit for greater open loop bandwidth & superior linearity Gain switch to select 29 dB or 23 dB gain for optimum compatibility with high gain preamps or extremely efficient speakers R-core transformer for input stage suppresses noise on power line 6 massive 33,000 uF Nichicon Gold Tune filter capacitors for output stage 22,400 uF input stage power supply filter capacitors, independent of the main power supply Dual CHK Infinium, custom 5-way speaker binding posts for easy bi-wiring Neutrik locking XLR balanced input & loop output jacks Vampire 24k gold-plated RCA input & loop output jacks Direct-coupled signal path, no capacitors or inductors in the audio path JFET input stage, MOSFET driver stage 24 beta-matched 15 ampere, 230V, 60 MHz bipolar output transistors 2.1 kVA shielded toroid power transformer with premium H18 grade core Independent power supplies for input stage, driver stage & output stage Full power is rated all the way down to 2Hz for unrestricted low-end bass Harris hyper-fast soft-recovery bridge diode rectifiers REL & Nichicon Muse capacitors DC servo & relay protection circuits AC turn-on inrush surge protection with relay bypass Automatic turn-on by 12 V trigger or audio sensing 4 rack space chassis with rear carry handles Rack mount hardware is included Available in silver or black
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