Audeze LCD-5

The LCD-5 sets a new standard for accuracy. Its drivers are engineered with the award-winning Fluxor magnets, updated Fazor waveguides, and the new Patent-pending Parallel Uniforce™ voice coils, which employ varying width parallel traces to keep the impedance low and provide increased voltage headroom by altering the current density within each trace. The uniform force created by this optimization lowers distortion and provides better control over diaphragm movement, resulting in improved sonic resolution.
  • The new planar driver and magnet structure extends the frequency response
  • 1/3 less weight than the LCD-4!
  • The new sculpted earpad design improves upper midrange response
  • Enhanced structural design incorporating magnesium, acetate, and carbon-fiber
  • Each LCD-5 comes with a balanced 4-pin XLR cable with a single-ended adapter.
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